About Us


How does Communications Hardware inc. continue to be an industry leader in providing sales and service of telecommunications and computer equipment for almost two decades?


Quality, Price and Delivery

This is just not our slogan at Communications Hardware, It's the way we do business, our way of life in fact. And to our customers, and to companies such as yours it means peace of mind knowing that every item we sell, every unit we repair, every price we quote is the best it can be. CHI had built a solid foundation on reliability, quality, on-time performance and pride. Something other companies sometimes forget.


If there's no quality, there's no value. "Quality" is not only something we do at Communications Hardware, it's something we "LIVE." That is why you will find CHI delivering the most up-to-date new and refurbished equipment available, which all goes through our multi-level testing and inspection program along with one of the most intense quality control programs in the industry today. CHI professionals follow a rigid code of quality covenants which is evaluated and re-evaluated on a daily basis, insuring safety, performance and your 100% satisfaction … guaranteed.


How can Communications Hardware give you the most for your dollar? Vast purchasing power, national resources and strategic,nationwide facilities, just to name a few reasons. Now add to that the most experienced technicians and knowledgeable sales staff in the industry all with one common goal, to provide the best for less.


Communications Hardware knows how critical delivery time is to your projects. That's why we maintain a fully staffed, specialized shipping department and a 24-hour pager service all striving to get your product on-site on time, guaranteed.


After all the technology, the quality control, the commitment to timely delivery Communications Hardware Inc. Is only as good as the people behind it. These are  the men and  women who are driven  by  our customer's needs. These  are  the technicians and professionals who make CHI what we are today.. Simply the best.